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Which type of swimming pool should you choose?

Several types of swimming pools exist nowadays as well as modes of construction. Prefabricated pools are considered to be the cheapest; the concrete pools on the other hand are the most expensive ones, but at the same time these pools are considered to be of the best quality. Poliester pools and Vynil liner pools are somewhere in between.

The installation of prefabricated pools and poliester pools is quite simple and quick. We can build prefabricated pool in couple of hours. Concrete pools and vynil liner pools on the other hand are more demanding and the installation of these pools requires knowledge and more time.

Type of swimming pool and mode of construction have to be chosen individually regarding your needs, available space and place, your wishes and possibilities.

However we recommend that before the final decision you come to our premisses where we will inform you on advantages and weaknesses of different swimming pool types. Or we can visit you and on the basis of examination of the place where the pool should stand we help you to find the best decision.

We built and installed more than 800 swimming pools of all kinds and types larger than 8 x 4 m, including bigger swimming pools for public use.

In the year 2004 we delivered more than 1.000 prefabricated pool in Slovenia and Croatia.

You will find your nearest supplier and swimming pool constructor here.

Prefabricated swimming pool PREMIUM – All inclusive

Prefabricated swimming pool PREMIUM»PREMIUM – All inclusive« kit contains prefabricated pool, dimensions 8 x 4 m, depth 1,2 m, and a lot of extra additional equipment which otherwise would cost you a lot of extra money.

The price of the entire kit is only 2.387,85 EUR + VAT (573.250,oo SIT + DDV)

The pool is designed by the "make it by yourself" system so you can install it by yourselves without any professional help.

Dig a hole in the ground and put the pool on a concrete foundation with side support walls. The detailed installation instructions are enclosed. If you wish we can also perform the installation.

The kit contains
  • Swimming pool walls made of rolled steel plate of thickeness 0,6 mm and PVC foil of thickeness 0,6 mm with special frame for quick change ( Easy-Change-system )
  • Cleaning device BLU TOP with 6 position valve together with 75 kg of filter sand ( 50 kg granulate 0,4-0,8 mm and 25 kg granulate 1-2 mm ), filtration capacity 9 m3/h
  • Kit for connection of filter to the pool ( skimmer, connecting tubes, return inlet, couplings and other connecting parts, spigot connection )
  • Detailed installation instructions.
Extra additional equipment

A lot of extra additonal equipment which you will need for use and maintenance of the swimming pool is included in the PREMIUM kit. This equipment is usually quite expensive, this time however it is already included in the swimming pool kit.

Additional equipment in the kit:

  • INOX ladder for entering the pool with 3 steps.
  • 50 W underwater light with a transformer.
  • Solar pool cover.
  • INOX roll up device for the cover with little wheels.
  • 15 m long special flexible tube for vacuuming.
  • Thermometer.
  • Cleaning tools: telescoping pole, vacuum head with brushes PROFI, plastic surface cleaning net PROFI, brush PROFI
  • Water treatment kit: POOLTESTER, MULTIBLOK chlorine tablet, CLOR-OXY-SCHOK for superchlorinating, 5 kg pH- granulate, 1l algaecid ALBA SUPER

For additional inforamtion please contact the ROYAL DOLPHIN group companies
(See Contacts above)

Remark: The installation is not included in the price of the kit. The price is valid only if you buy the entire kit.